Consultancy Meeting on Evaluation of Fundamental Data on Beryllium-containing Species for Edge Plasma Modelling

This Consultancy Meeting brings together five experts on the calculation, evaluation and use of fundamental atomic and molecular data for modelling plasma processes relevant to fusion devices such as JET and ITER. They will recommend data related to beryllium in the edge plasma region of these devices for inclusion in a new database to be hosted by the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit. This database will improve modellers’ access to critically-assessed data sets and increase the accuracy of predictions of plasma behaviour in this important domain.

Species and processes of interest are:

  • Neutral Be: electron impact excitation and ionization cross sections
  • Be+
  • BeH+ and BeD+ molecular ions: state-resolved vibrational excitation and dissociative recombination / excitation cross sections and rate coefficients
  • BeH and BeH2
  • Processes involving H and He
  • H2+ and HD+: electron impact reactive collisions
  • Heavy particle exchange processes such as H2 + Be+ producing BeH+ and related species